12/07/2020 01:17:17 GMT+8
Group Number of Active Member Monthly Based on Games TurnOver Referral I
SportbookNo Term & Condition0.50%
LivecasinoNo Term & Condition0.50%
SlotNo Term & Condition0.10%
Cockfight No Term & Condition0.50%
PokerNo Term & Condition0.30%
  • All members can join the promo.
  • The percentage level of your commission is determined based on the number of TURNOVER members of your downline every month.
  • There is no maximum or minimum limit on how much you want to invite new members, the more members of your downline the more profit you will get.
  • Every new member is required to register using referral ID code link.
  • The referral ID code can be viewed from the Profile.
  • Referral commissions will be calculated and given at the beginning of the month on the 5th
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